Cass is currently developing several ideas with her collaborators, please get in touch if you would like to hear more information on 51 States the series, Partition, The Last or Vogue. We are always looking to chat to new financiers, producers, writers and crew! 


The Skin She Sheds follows Amelia a far right skinhead who decides to turn her back on the ideals and ‘family’ she has been inseparable from her whole life.


Stephen is growing up in East London amongst a gang his family is heavily rooted in, he fights to be his unique individual self, the Vogue queen he trains to be.


A Sikh girl and muslim boy flee for safety following a raid on their village, set in the brutally violent times of partition the couple do not known which side of the border their village resides on. 


Surrounded by industrialisation and the ruin of their civilisation as the last amazonian tribe known, A guardian of the jungle sets out to avenge her sister’s murder, the hunt begins as does the bloodshed.