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Hey, my name is Cass Virdee. I'm an award winning writer-director currently creating short films and music promos.


My last short film 51 States has been shown at over 30 film festivals including London Indian Film Festival and Sci-Fi London. SCOPE, SCALE and HEARTFELT storytelling is my mission. The unheard and the unseen intrigue and push me to experiment as a filmmaker. 


WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT?  I’m an innately visual storyteller.  I’m tenacious, passionate and unique when it comes to working with actors, artists and of course my team. This is probably because of the worlds I have always been weaving between, I have worked as an Art Director on films such as Steve McQueen’s Blitz, The Batman and Indiana Jones. I have trained as a dancer my whole life and have studied at Central Saint Martins. 


My goal is to create unique films that focus on telling unheard stories.

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